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Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs (2024)

Famous for a reason, Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs are fall-off-the-bone juicy, full of flavour, and undeniably satisfying. Imagine if you could make that restaurant-quality experience at home. Of course, you can! It goes into great detail about making Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs, giving you all the information you need to show off your pitmaster skills to your family and friends.

The Killer Ribs at Texas Roadhouse cost $13.49 and have 910 calories. You can order them from the takeaway menu. These famously tasty ribs come with tasty steak fries for a complete meal.

  • Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs Price: $13.49
  • Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs Calories: 910 cal

Choices for BBQ sauce:

  • Remove BBQ Sauce: Enjoy the ribs natural, unseasoned taste.
  • Extra BBQ Sauce: For people who like their ribs to be smothered in sauce.

Pick a Side: Steak Fries

Choose from different ways to make your steak fries your own:

  • Loaded with Cheddar Cheese and Bacon (+$1.29)
  • Bacon Bits (+$0.50)
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese (+$0.79)
  • Side of Ranch
  • Texas Red Chili (with beans) (+$0.99)

Nutritional and Allergen Details

Remember that the ribs can be cooked the way you want them. If you eat raw or not fully cooked meat, you may get sick, especially if you already have specific health problems. Our advice is based on a regular diet of 2,000 calories, but everyone has different needs. You can get more information about nutrition and allergens by asking us or visiting our Nutrition & Allergen page.

NutrientAmountDaily Value (DV)%DV
Calories from Fat480N/A
Total Fat53g65g82%
Saturated Fat18g20g90%
Trans Fat0gN/A0%
Total Carbohydrates59g275g20%
Dietary Fiber8g25g32%

Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs

Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs
#Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs

Here’s a breakdown of what makes these ribs so killer:

  • The Art of Slow Cooking: When it comes to ribs, slow and steady is best. Texas Roadhouse gets this melt-in-your-mouth smoothness by smoking or baking in the oven. When you cook meat this way, its collagen breaks down slowly. This makes the ribs so soft that they almost fall off the bone when you touch them.
  • The Magic of Seasoning: The rub may be the key! However, the exact recipe is kept very hidden. We know that these ribs have a unique mix of spices. Imagine a symphony of flavors: paprika adds a smokey note, chili powder adds heat, and garlic and onion powder adds delicious notes. This tasty rub blends in as the meat cooks, giving each bite a delightful flavor.
  • The Allure of Barbecue Sauce: Last but not least? A delicious sauce for barbecue. This can taste sour from the vinegar or sweet from the sugar. When basted on during the last few minutes of cooking, the sauce adds another layer of flavor and wetness and turns into a beautiful caramelized glaze that looks great and tastes great, too.

FAQs about Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs

What makes Texas Roadhouse ribs different from other ribs?

Texas Roadhouse ribs are famous for their unique mix of spices, careful cooking, and signature barbecue sauce with a taste profile that can’t be beaten.

What are Killer Ribs at Texas Roadhouse?

They serve award-winning ribs in a Killer Ribs basket with steak fries.

How many calories are in Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs?

Texas Roadhouse Killer Ribs have 910 calories per serving. The nutritional information can help people who watch how many calories they eat or try to eat a balanced diet while still enjoying their favorite Texas Roadhouse menu.

Does Texas Roadhouse use pork ribs?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse typically uses pork ribs for their Killer Ribs menu item.

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