Texas Roadhouse Menu with Prices (2024)

Enjoy a lively, laid-back atmosphere with unique Texas-themed decorations, country music, and line dancing. Texas Roadhouse is famous for its fresh-baked rolls, hand-cut steaks, and sides made from scratch. The restaurant also serves burgers, ribs, and salads, and the prices are reasonable for what you get. It’s an excellent place for family meals and fun because the service is helpful, there are deals for early birds, and you can even book a table ahead of time or order online.

Want signature sides, steaks that will make your mouth water, and ribs that will fall off the bone? You should go to Texas Roadhouse. It’s a popular American restaurant chain known for its significant portions and lively setting. Whether you’ve been to Texas Roadhouse often or this is your first time, their long menu can take time to find your way around.

Texas Roadhouse Menu with Prices

Texas Roadhouse is great for meat lovers and people who want to eat out. They are known for their warm welcome and delicious rolls with butter. They also serve a variety of other tasty foods at reasonable prices. This guide will show you the Texas Roadhouse menu with prices for 2024 so you can plan your next visit. Whether you want a juicy steak, ribs that fall off the bone, or something lighter, it will help. Now, put down your virtual fork and dig in—we’re about to discover a world of Texas-sized taste!

Texas Roadhouse Starters Prices and Calories

Need a taste of Texas before your main dish? Try one of the tasty appetizers at Texas Roadhouse. You can eat them by yourself or with a friend. They have a lot of different foods, such as their famous Cactus Blossom, classic Fried Pickles, and hot Rattlesnake Bites. You can start your Texas Roadhouse experience with crispy, creamy, cheesy, and saucy choices.

Texas Roadhouse Salads Prices and Calories

You can find a wide range of reasonably priced meals on the Texas Roadhouse Salad menu. Try the Grilled Chicken ($12.99, 810 calories) or Salmon Salad ($14.99, 830 calories) if you want something fresh and cheap. Try the Chicken or Salmon Caesar Salad, which costs $12.99 and $14.99 and has classic tastes. The Chicken Critter Salad with crispy tenders is a good pick for the same price. Filet Salad costs $16.99, or you can get a light House or Caesar Salad for only $4.99, which is great for a lighter Texas restaurant experience.

Texas Roadhouse Hand Cut Steaks

On its menu, Texas Roadhouse offers many delicious hand-cut steaks, each with a choice of side. The Hand-Cut Sirloin (11 oz) costs $17.99 and has 460 calories. It is lean and juicy. The New York Strip is a tender and flavorful steak that costs $16.99 and is a standard. The Dallas filet is known for being pleasant and juicy. It costs $24.49 and comes with two sides.

The Porterhouse T-Bone, a 23-ounce mix of filet and strip, is hearty. For something different, pay $12.49 for the Road Kill chop steak, which comes with onions and mushrooms on top. For $14.49, the Steak Kabob with slow-cooked steak and mixed veggies is a great choice.

The Ft. Worth Ribeye and the Bone-In Ribeye, which cost $21.99 and $28.99, respectively, are juicy and marbled steaks. The Prime Rib and Filet Medallions cost $22.99 and are also delicious steaks. Texas Roadhouse has a wide range of steaks.

Fall-of-the-bone-ribs Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse offers mouthwatering, fall-off-the-bone ribs. Select from the 1/2 Slab Ribs for $17.99 or the Full Slab Ribs for $22.99. All are served with two sides and slow-cooked with a special BBQ sauce, offering the ideal balance of flavor and affordability.

Texas Roadhouse Dockside Favorites

Explore the Dockside Favorites at Texas Roadhouse, which include tasty and fresh fish. For $15.99 and 720 calories, you may get the Grilled Salmon (5 oz), a Norwegian delicacy with lemon pepper butter and two sides. Try the Fried Catfish, which is perfectly breaded and fried for some Southern charm. This seafood selection is completed with grilled shrimp, which comes at $16.99 and has 670 calories. It is seasoned and served with rice and garlic-lemon pepper butter. Every meal reflects the reputation Texas Roadhouse has built for excellence and affordability.

Texas Roadhouse Chicken Specialties

The Texas Roadhouse Chicken Specialties menu has a lot of different, tasty choices. For less than $11, you can get the Country Fried Chicken or the Grilled BBQ Chicken. There is a fried favorite called Chicken Critters and a mushroom chicken with a different taste. The Smothered Chicken, which has onions and mushrooms on top, and the Herb Crusted Chicken, seasoned with herbs, are both tasty options that show how varied the Texas Roadhouse menu is.

Texas Roadhouse Country Dinners

On the Texas Roadhouse Country Dinners menu, you can find various filling meals at fair prices. Peppercorn sauce is used to season the $12.99 Grilled Pork Chops. The $12.99 Pulled Pork Dinner, which has BBQ pork cooked slowly and served with baked bread, is a great deal. The $13.99 Country Fried Sirloin has a classic taste. When you pay $13.99, the Beef Tips with mushrooms, onions, and gravy are a good choice. The Country Vegetable Plate is a lighter choice that lets you pick four side dishes for only $10.99. It lets you savor a real Texas Roadhouse meal in many ways. 

Texas Roadhouse Burgers & Sandwiches

There are many hearty choices on the Texas Roadhouse burgers and sandwiches menu. An old favorite, the All-American Cheeseburger costs $10.99. Try the $11.99 Bacon Cheeseburger for a little something different. For $12.49, you can get the Smokehouse Burger with mushrooms, onions, and two kinds of cheese. For $10.99 and $11.99, you can get a pulled pork or BBQ chicken sandwich, both great for BBQ fans. For $12.49, the Mushroom Jack Chicken Sandwich comes with sautéed mushrooms and jack cheese, giving everyone who comes to Texas Roadhouse a chance to try a range of flavours.

Texas Roadhouse Desserts

On the Texas Roadhouse dessert menu, you can find sweet treats at great prices. For just $6.99, you can get Granny’s Apple Classic, a tasty apple pie slice with vanilla ice cream and honey cinnamon caramel sauce. You could also enjoy the $6.99 Strawberry Cheesecake, made in the New York way and comes with strawberry sauce and whipped cream on top. For $6.99, the Big Ol’ Brownie, a rich chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce, is a must-try for chocolate fans. It rounds out a tempting menu of desserts.

Texas Road House Kids & Ranger Meals

The Texas Roadhouse kids menu has tasty and cheap options. For less than $6, kids can eat the All-Beef Hot Dog or the Macaroni and Cheese. For about $7, mini-cheeseburgers, Jr. chicken tenders, and grilled chicken are great for kids. Try the Lil’ Dillo Steak Bites for a treat. Kids can get bigger meals with the Ranger Meals, which include the Chicken Critters Basket, Andy’s Steak, and the Ranger Rib Basket. This makes Texas Roadhouse a great place for families to eat steak.

Texas Roadhouse Combos

The Texas Roadhouse Combos menu offers you various tastes at great prices. The $19.49 Grilled BBQ Chicken & Ribs package is a hearty pick. The Grilled BBQ Chicken & Sirloin costs $21.99, and the Chicken Critters & Sirloin costs only $19.49. Both are dream meals for meat lovers. The Sirloin & Ribs and Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp packages, which cost $21.99 and $19.99, look good. The Ribeye & Ribs or the Ribeye & Grilled Shrimp are both tasty options that cost less than $30. You can get a fancy combo with the Filet 6oz & Ribs or the Filet 6oz & Grilled Shrimp at Texas Roadhouse. It will be a unique meal.

Texas Roadhouse Deals Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, Texas Roadhouse has many deals and packages, making it a great choice for people who want to save money while eating out. Below are some of their most famous deals and specials:

Texas Roadhouse Early Dine

Are you looking for a cheap and tasty way to start the evening? Take advantage of Texas Roadhouse Early Dine deals from 3 PM to 6 PM, Monday through Thursday. Some main dishes are on sale, making them great for an early dinner or a lighter meal.

Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

The Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour Menu Specials have a huge range of dishes that will please everyone, making happy hour at Roadhouse an unforgettable experience. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy good food and drinks because the prices and choices are low. Keep an eye out for special offers on its signature rattlesnake bites, fried pickles, and other delicious finger foods—perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying a pre-dinner snack.

Texas Roadhouse Military Discount

Texas Roadhouse proudly honours those who serve with a 10% discount on their entire bill for active-duty military personnel, veterans, and retirees. To redeem this offer, show your valid military ID to your server.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals

Did I get hungry, team members? Families can enjoy a hassle-free and inexpensive meal at Texas Roadhouse by ordering one of their family meal packages. The meals in these packages usually come with several main courses, sides, and rolls, making them perfect for feeding the whole family.

Texas Roadhouse Specials

Texas Roadhouse also offers exciting annual specials, often coinciding with holidays and special occasions. Here are some examples:

  • Texas Roadhouse Veterans Day: On Veterans Day, Texas Roadhouse extends its gratitude to veterans with a complimentary meal from a special Veterans Day menu. Check their website or social media pages for details closer to the date.
  • Texas Roadhouse Birthday Free Appetizer: Are you celebrating a birthday? Sign up for the Texas Roadhouse email club and receive a coupon for a free appetizer on your special day.

Tip: It’s always a good idea to check the Texas Roadhouse website or social media pages for any current specials or promotions they might be running.

Texas Roadhouse Wednesdays Special

For fans of Texas Roadhouse, Wednesdays are a very special day! Wednesdays are frequently chosen for special bargains and promotions, making Wednesdays an excellent day to come. These deals change frequently, so check out their website or inquire with your server for more information.

Texas Roadhouse VIP Club

Get perks when you join the Texas Roadhouse VIP Club! It’s free to sign up, and once you do, you’ll get access to special deals, birthday gifts, and the latest information about new menu items and future deals.

FAQs About Texas Roadhouse Menu

Does Texas Roadhouse have a lunch menu?

No, Texas Roadhouse doesn’t typically offer a separate lunch menu. Their full menu is available throughout the day. Prices are displayed on the menu on their website.

Does Texas Roadhouse have a gluten free menu?

Texas Roadhouse does not currently have a dedicated gluten-free menu, but it can accommodate some dietary restrictions. It’s best to speak to your server about gluten-free options.

Does Texas Roadhouse have a catering menu?

They do offer catering services! Check with your local Texas Roadhouse for details and options.

What time does Texas Roadhouse open & close?

Opening hours can vary by location, but most Texas Roadhouse restaurants open around 4 p.m. Their website has a location finder where you can confirm hours for your nearest spot.






 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM


 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM


 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM


 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM


11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


11:00 AM – 10:00 PM


11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Does Texas Roadhouse take reservations?

Texas Roadhouse generally does not take reservations, but depending on the location, waitlist options might be available through its website or app.

Is Texas Roadhouse open on thanksgiving?

It’s best to check with your local Texas Roadhouse closer to the holiday for Thanksgiving hours, as hours may vary from their typical schedule. You can find contact information through the website locator.

How can I find out about current Texas Roadhouse deals and specials?

There are a few ways to stay updated on Texas Roadhouse deals and specials:

  • Visit the Texas Roadhouse website and check their “Specials & Promotions” section.
  • Follow Texas Roadhouse on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for announcements about current deals.
  • Sign up for the Texas Roadhouse email club to receive exclusive offers and promotions directly in your inbox.
  • Ask your server about any current specials they might be running during your visit.


Does Texas Roadhouse offer a senior discount?

Texas Roadhouse doesn’t have a specific discount for seniors right now, but they do have Early Dine specials that offer discounted entrees from 3 PM to 6 PM, Monday through Thursday. This could be a good choice for seniors who want to eat out but don’t want to spend much money.

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