Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu Prices 2024

America’s Roadhouse Since its opening in February 1993, the Texas Roadhouse Menu has been known for more than just its delicious steaks. It’s gained a reputation for providing a great eating experience at an easy price for the wallet.

The Texas Roadhouse catering menu shows this commitment. Delicious hand-cut steaks, homemade sides, and oven-fresh bread are just a few of the things that this restaurant offers.

Why choose Texas Roadhouse Catering?

If you want the food at your event to stand out, Texas Roadhouse Catering is the way to go. They bring different kinds of high-quality food, so everyone can find something they like.

  • Quality: They only use the best ingredients.
  • Menu Variety: Options for every taste, from steaks to salads.
  • Classic Dishes: Famous for their chili and ribs.
  • Customization: They adjust for each unique event.
  • Dietary Options: meals for all, including vegetarians and allergy-conscious diners.
  • Value for Money: Their catering prices are competitive, ensuring you get the same generous portions as you would dining in.
  • Established Presence: With over 420 locations across 48 US states and several in international locations like Kuwait and Dubai, they’re accessible to many.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu with Prices 2024

Check out the Texas Roadhouse 2024 dining menu to see what they offer and how much it costs. There are tasty choices to fit any budget. You can also check out Texas Roadhouse Catering Nutrition here.

Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu
#Texas Roadhouse Catering Menu
Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Sirloin-Ribs (6 oz)800$19.49
Sirloin Ribs (8 oz)890$21.49
Chicken, Cristers, and Ribs820$15.99
Chicken, Cristles,
and Sirloin (6 oz)
BBQ Chicken (Grilled) and Sirloin (6 oz)590$20.49
BBQ Chicken (Grilled) and Ribs890$17.99
Ribeye 12 oz. and Grilled-Shrimp1360$26.99
Ribeye 12 oz. and Ribs1510$27.99
Grilled-Shrimp 6 oz. and Sirloin650$18.49
Grilled-Shrimp 8 oz.. and Sirloin740$20.49
Filet 6 oz.. and Grilled-Shrimp670$25.49
Filet 6 oz.. and Ribs820$26.49

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Critters (Family-Sized)$39.99
Ribs (Family-Sized)$59.99
Chicken BBQ (family-sized)$39.99

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Grilled-Pork-Chops (Single chop)440$11.99
Grilled-Pork-Chops (Double chop)730$14.99
Fried Sirloin (Country)900$12.99
Vegetable Plate (Country)$10.99

Menu ItemsCaloriesPrice
Hand Cut-Sirloin250$12.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin340$14.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin460$17.49
Hand Cut-Sirloin670$20.99
Porterhouse (T-Bone)1040$31.99
Steak Kabob920$13.49
Bone-In Ribeye1480$27.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye960$20.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye1120$22.99
Ft. Worth-Ribeye1280$24.99
Road Kill760$11.49
Strip-(New York)420$16.49
Strip-(New York)640$20.99

The sweets menu at Texas Roadhouse will make you want to try something sweet.

Menu ItemPrice
Cheesecake (1 cake)$30
Apple Pie (10 slices)$15
Brownies (about 25)$30

Texas Roadhouse Kids Menu

Knowing what kids like about Texas Roadhouse ensures they have a fun time. Children can choose from a colourful menu with classics like hot dogs, mac and cheese, and grilled chicken.

Parents may rest while enjoying their meals, knowing their children receive tasty and nutritious meals. Texas Roadhouse drinks for kids include fresh juices, milk, and other options.

Texas Roadhouse Thanksgiving 2024

Looking for a hearty meal this holiday? Texas Roadhouse Thanksgiving may be your spot! It’s famed for its juicy steaks and toasty buns. Check them out to make this year’s celebration extra spectacular!

Are you wondering If Texas Roadhouse is open on Thanksgiving Day? It’s usually closed, but you should always check with your local eatery.

The continual positive feedback emphasizes their exceptional service. Whether you’re hosting a business function or a personal party, Texas Roadhouse will ensure your guests depart happily.

How many people eat at Texas Roadhouse?

The number of people who eat at Texas Roadhouse daily or annually varies by location, special events, and promotions. For detailed customer numbers, it’s advisable to refer to Texas Roadhouse’s annual reports or corporate statements.

Do all Texas roadhouses have family meals?

Not every Texas Roadhouse carries “Family Packs. ” Offerings could vary by region and over time. It’s always a good idea to check with your local Texas Roadhouse or its official website to see the latest menu offerings.

Why is Texas Roadhouse so famous?

Texas Roadhouse has been popular for a variety of reasons. They are famous for their hand-cut steaks, freshly baked bread, and vibrant atmosphere. Furthermore, many customers love their low rates, pleasant service, and enjoyable, family-friendly atmosphere, which frequently includes country music and line dancing. Their dedication to high-quality food and an unforgettable dining experience has increased their popularity.

Is $50 enough for two people to eat at Texas Roadhouse?

A lunch at Texas Roadhouse for two people typically costs $50, which includes entrees, side dishes, and drinks. However, if you intend to order premium products, alcoholic beverages, or desserts, you may want to budget a little more. Always check their current menu prices or phone numbers to ensure you’re prepared.

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