Texas Roadhouse Family Meals Menu Prices (2024)

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals 2024

Everything is bigger in Texas! Texas Roadhouse has you covered if you’re looking for a satisfying family supper. Their family dinner menu includes a variety of tasty foods that will satisfy everyone in your family.

You can get these fantastic family dinners on the Texas Roadhouse app (iOS and Android) or their website. However, not all Texas Roadhouse locations offer “Family Packs,” so check with your local Texas Roadhouse to see what they offer and how much it costs.

Look at the Texas Roadhouse family meal menu and see how much you can save with each option. Whether you want a barbecue or a delicious steak, this lunch offer has something for everyone. Prepare to enjoy a fantastic dinner! Here is what Texas Roadhouse offers for you.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Sides

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Sides

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals offers an excellent range of delicious sides. These delectable side dishes are available for $5.98 for a pint or $2.99 for individual portions, allowing you to tailor your meal perfectly. Here’s a closer look at the tempting selection of sides, each designed to improve your dining experience:

  • Crisp Green Beans
  • Creamy Buttered Corn
  • Savory-seasoned rice
  • Whipped and mashed potatoes
  • Classic Steak Fries

Whether you prefer the comforting creaminess of buttered corn, the satisfying crunch of green beans, the classic appeal of mashed potatoes, the flavorful twist of seasoned rice, or the timeless indulgence of steak fries, Texas Roadhouse Family Meals offers a variety of sides to suit every taste. Enjoy the freedom to mix and match these delightful sides to create a personalized eating experience that meets your appetites while increasing the overall enjoyment of your family dinner.

Texas Roadhouse Chicken Family Meals

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Texas Roadhouse Chicken Family Meals

Take a trip to the kitchen with the Texas Roadhouse Chicken Family Meals, which come in various prices up to $39.99. This outstanding selection accommodates various tastes, guaranteeing something to suit everyone. Best of all, when your neighborhood Texas Roadhouse restaurant offers the 16-count chicken cakes, you may save a whopping 54.9%. This implies that you can enjoy the delicious chicken patties and other sides at a much lower cost, improving your meal’s taste and value.

Now, let’s break down the compelling components of the Texas Roadhouse Chicken Family Meals Menu in a comprehensive table:

Item Regular Price
Chicken Fritters $12.49 for 6
Family-sized Salad $12.49
16-ounce Side (x2) $11.96
Bread $4.99

This well-organized table provides a detailed overview of the individual prices for each Texas Roadhouse Chicken Family Meals component. From the mouthwatering chicken fritters to the refreshing family-sized salad, the savory 16-ounce sides, and the comforting bread, each item is meticulously priced for your consideration. Feel free to mix and match these offerings to create a personalized and satisfying family meal experience that meets your culinary preferences and ensures excellent value for your dining pleasure.

Texas Roadhouse BBQ Chicken (original price $39.99)

If purchased separately, the standard price for the BBQ Chicken components, which includes four marinated chicken breasts at $12.49 each, a family-sized salad at $12.49, two 16 oz sides at $11.96 each, and delicious bread at $4.99, would total $79.13. However, choosing the family lunch allows you to enjoy the same wonderful spread while saving an incredible 49.5%, making it a tasty and cost-effective option for a pleasant eating experience.

Here’s the breakdown in a convenient table format:

Item Regular Price
4 Marinated Chicken Breasts $12.49 each
Family-sized Salad $12.49
Two 16-oz. sides $11.96 each
Bread $4.99

Texas Roadhouse Pork Family Meals Menu Prices

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Texas Roadhouse Pork Family Meals

If you purchase each dish individually, the total cost would be $79.13. But, when you opt for the family meal instead, you can save a significant 49.5% off that total amount. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to enjoy delicious food while keeping more money in your pocket!

Texas Roadhouse Pork Chops

The price of each dish, if you buy Texas Roadhouse Pork Chops individually, is $79.13. Still, you may save 62.1% with the family meal option. When compared to purchasing the dishes separately, this is a significant savings. Choose a Texas Roadhouse family meal instead of passing up the chance to save money!

Item Regular Price
Four 7-ounce Boneless Chops $12.49
Family-sized Salad $12.49
Four Individual Sides $11.96 each
Bread $4.99

Texas Roadhouse Ribs

Individual purchases of Texas Roadhouse Ribs can cost anything from $80.14 to $97.13 each. However, selecting the family meal option provides a valuable opportunity to save greatly, with savings ranging from 37.6% to 38.2%. This significant cost decrease makes the family dinner appealing and cost-effective, offering significant savings over purchasing the ribs separately. Enjoy Texas Roadhouse Ribs tantalizing flavors while saving money with the convenient family meal option.

Item Regular Price Range
Ribs $49.99 – $59.99
3 – 4 Half Slabs of Ribs $16.99 each
Family-sized Salad $12.49
Two 16-ounce Sides or Four Individual Sides $11.96
Bread $4.99

Texas Roadhouse Steak Family Meals Menu

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Texas Roadhouse Steak Family Meals

Within the Texas Roadhouse Family Meal selection, the sirloin steaks stand out as the premium choice. Purchased individually, each dish is priced at $85.13. However, opting for the family meal allows you to savor the delectable sirloin steaks and grants you a noteworthy savings of 43.6%. This substantial discount enhances the appeal of the family meal, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy the top-quality sirloin steaks that Texas Roadhouse is renowned for.

Texas Roadhouse 8-Ounce Steaks

If you bought each dish separately, it would cost $95.13 apiece. However, choosing a family lunch allows you to enjoy each dish while saving 36.9%. This cost-effective alternative ensures you can enjoy the culinary pleasures without breaking the bank, making the family dinner an appealing and affordable option for a great dining experience.

Item Regular Price
8-Ounce Steaks $59.99
Four 8-ounce Steaks (cooked medium) $16.49 each
Family-sized Salad $12.49
Two 16-Ounce Sides $11.96
Bread $4.99

Texas Roadhouse Sirloins

Opting to purchase each dish individually would result in a price of $85.13 for each. However, when you opt for the family meal option, you enjoy a substantial savings of 43.6%. This represents a significant discount compared to buying the dishes separately. Choosing the family meal allows you to relish each dish and provides an economical way to experience a diverse and satisfying culinary spread at Texas Roadhouse.

Item Regular Price
Two 8-Ounce Sirloins $14.99 each
Two 6-Ounce Sirloins $12.99 each
Family-sized Salad $12.49
Four Individual Sides $11.96
Bread $4.99

Texas Roadhouse Ribeye

If you decide to purchase each dish individually, the cost is $92.14 for each one. However, by opting for the family meal, you save anywhere from 29.5% to 34.9% compared to individual purchases. This represents a substantial discount, making the family meal option an economically attractive choice for those looking to enjoy a diverse and flavorful dining experience at a more budget-friendly price point.

Item Regular Price
Three 12-ounce Cuts (cooked medium) $20.99 each
Family-sized Salad $12.49
Two 16-ounce Sides or Four Individual Sides $11.96
Bread $4.99

Other Texas Roadhouse Family Meals

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals
#Texas Roadhouse Family Meals

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals $35

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals are priced at $35, making them affordable. This meal package is ideal for people looking for a good and cost-effective dining alternative since it provides a satisfying variety of flavors without sacrificing quality. Enjoy the legendary taste of Texas Roadhouse at a budget-friendly family dinner.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals for 4

Enjoy the happiness of dining with others when you order Texas Roadhouse Family Meals for 4. These dishes are prepared to fit a large gathering and guarantee a filling and entertaining feast for your loved ones. The wide range of menu choices satisfies different palates and offers a tasty and practical option for group meals.

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals To Go

Texas Roadhouse Family Meals to Go will enhance your at-home eating experience. These dishes provide the famous flavors of Texas Roadhouse right to your door while maintaining ease of takeout. Enjoy the restaurant-caliber flavor in the comfort of your home, whether hosting a family get-together or a romantic evening.

Texas Roadhouse Family Value Grilled Chicken Meal

The Family Value Grilled Chicken Meal from Texas Roadhouse offers a filling and reasonably priced meal. Designed to satisfy guests on a budget and those who love flavor, this meal option offers succulent grilled chicken at an affordable price. Take pleasure in a fulfilling eating experience without sacrificing cost or quality.

How can I order a family meal from Texas Roadhouse?

An easy way to enjoy Texas Roadhouse menus at home is to place an order for the whole family. Generally speaking, you would do the following to place an order for a family meal:

Visit the Texas Roadhouse website:

  • Go to the official Texas Roadhouse website to explore the menu and find the “Order Online” or “To-Go” section.

Select your location:

  • Provide your location information to ensure you order from the nearest Texas Roadhouse location.

Browse the menu:

  • Navigate through the online menu to find the “Family Meals” section. Texas Roadhouse typically categorizes family meals for easy selection.

Choose Your Family Meal:

  • Browse the available family meal options, including the various dishes and sizes. Once you find the one that suits your preferences, click it for more details.

Customize Your Order (Optional):

  • Some platforms allow you to customize your family meal by selecting specific sides or making special requests. If this feature is available, take advantage of it.

Add to Cart:

  • After finalizing your selection, add the family meal to your cart.

Review your order:

  • Please review your order to ensure it includes all the items you want. Check the quantity, sides, and any special instructions.

Proceed to Checkout:

  • Once satisfied, proceed to the checkout. You may need to create an account or log in if you still need to do so.

Provide delivery or pickup information:

  • Enter your delivery address if you’re opting for delivery, or choose the pickup option if you prefer to collect the order yourself.

Make Payment:

  • Complete the payment process using the available payment options. Texas Roadhouse usually accepts various payment methods.


  • After successful payment, you will receive an order confirmation with details such as the estimated delivery time or pickup instructions.

Wait for Your Meal:

  • Sit back and wait for your delicious Texas Roadhouse family meal to be delivered or prepared for pickup. Enjoy your feast!

FAQs About Texas Roadhouse Family Meal Deals

Are the Texas Roadhouse family meals affordable?

Texas Roadhouse offers great value for your money, and their family meals provide an economical and satisfying dining option. With affordable prices, the family meals are a budget-friendly way to enjoy the delicious offerings from Texas Roadhouse.

How do you order Texas Roadhouse family meals?

To order Texas Roadhouse family meals, visit the official Texas Roadhouse website, navigate to the “Order Online” or “To-Go” section, select your location, browse the menu for family meals, choose your desired option, customize if needed, add to cart, review your order, proceed to checkout, provide delivery or pickup information, make payment, and wait for your delicious family meal to be delivered or prepared for pickup.

Do all Texas Roadhouses have family meals?

Not all Texas roadhouse locations offer family meals. Check with your local Texas Roadhouse to see if they have family meal options on their menu.

Does Texas Roadhouse still have family meals?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse continues to offer family meals. The availability of specific family meals may vary by location, so checking the menu or inquiring with your local Texas Roadhouse is recommended.

Does Texas Roadhouse have family meals to go?

Yes, Texas Roadhouse provides convenience for family meals. You can order online, customize your family meal, and choose either delivery or pickup options to enjoy your meal in the comfort of your home.

Which Texas Roadhouse locations have family meals?

Family meals may be available at various Texas Roadhouse locations. It’s recommended to check the menu or contact your local Texas Roadhouse to confirm which family meals are offered at their specific establishment.

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