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Texas Roadhouse Altoona

Are you looking for a lively place to eat a juicy steak with tasty sides? Texas Roadhouse Altoona, Pennsylvania, is the only place you need to go! The friendly service, Southwestern-style food, and signature rolls with cinnamon butter at this famous chain restaurant make you feel like you’re in Texas. Whether you live in Altoona or are just going through, Texas Roadhouse Altoona is a great place to get a cheap and filling meal.

The warm and welcoming Texas-themed decor at Texas Roadhouse Altoona brings to mind the spirit of the Wild West. The room will have uncovered brick walls, wooden furniture, and things related to longhorn steers. The vibe is laid-back and family-friendly, making it great for a night out with friends, a special dinner, or a quick bite to eat.

People who work at Texas Roadhouse Altoona are known for being warm and helpful. When you walk in, someone will smile and greet you with Southern charm. They’ll be happy to help you choose a dish, answer any questions about the menu, and ensure you have a great meal.

Must-Haves on the Menu at Texas Roadhouse Altoona (Price per person: $20–30)

The hand-cut steaks at Texas Roadhouse Altoona are famous and can be cooked just as you like. You can choose from types like ribeye, New York strip, filet mignon, and sirloin on their menu. There is a touch of Texas in every bite of their famous seasoned butter that comes with every steak.

Texas Roadhouse Altoona has more than just steaks, though. Other great things on the table that you won’t want to miss are:

Texas Roadhouse Altoona Menu
#Texas Roadhouse Altoona Menu
  • Legendary Rolls: They serve hot cinnamon butter rolls that are just baked and have a bit of sweetness. These are a must-have at Texas Roadhouse and a great way to begin your meal.
  • Made-from-Scratch Sides: You can pick from traditional American foods like mac and cheese, green beans, fried okra, and mashed potatoes. You can always try something new because they change their menu with the seasons.
  • Fresh Salads: Start your dinner with a fresh salad or eat one with your main dish for a lighter feel.
  • Barbecue Ribs: Tender ribs that fall off the bone are basted in their famous barbecue sauce.
  • Chicken Fried Steak: It is a traditional Southern dish with a steak that has been seasoned and fried until it is golden brown.
  • Seafood: Texas Roadhouse Altoona has shrimp, salmon, and catfish if you’d rather eat something from the sea.
  • Kids’ Menu: It is an excellent place for families because it has a kids menu with smaller versions of famous dishes. 

Here is some more information that will help you plan your trip to Texas Roadhouse Altoona:

Location and Hours

  • Address: 2363 Adventureland Dr, Altoona, IA 50009, United States
  • Hours:

Thursday 4–10 pm
Friday 4–11 pm
Saturday 11 am–11 pm
Sunday 11 am–10 pm
Monday 4–10 pm
Tuesday 4–10 pm
Wednesday 4–10 pm

Wait times and reservations:

  • The Texas Roadhouse in Altoona does not take bookings. You can call the place or look at their website to understand how long you might have to wait. You can also sign up for the waitlist online, so you can do that before you even get there.

Call Ahead Seating

  • You can’t make bookings at Texas Roadhouse Altoona, but you can call ahead and reserve a table. Making this call lets you put your name on the line before getting there.

Online Ordering

  • You can order food to go or have it delivered through their website or mobile app. 


  • For any event, Texas Roadhouse Altoona can provide food. Their catering menu has a lot of different choices, so you can pick something that works for your business event, family get-together, or backyard barbecue.

Is Altoona getting a Texas Roadhouse?

This article needs to give us more evidence to say this is true. There is already a Texas Roadhouse in Altoona, Pennsylvania, though.

What is Texas Roadhouse most famous for?

People worldwide love Texas Roadhouse’s hand-cut steaks and famous cinnamon butter rolls.

Do they have seating for a party of 13 or 14?

Since Texas Roadhouse Altoona doesn’t take reservations, it can be hard to ensure that a significant group has a seat. It’s best to call the place to find out how long the wait will be and if they can accommodate your group.

Does Texas Roadhouse offer a military discount?

Yes, current duty military and veterans with valid ID can get a 10% discount at Texas Roadhouse.

Does Texas Roadhouse offer Curbside Pick Up?

No, there is no information about Curbside Pick Up. But you can order food from Texas Roadhouse Altoona online.

Does Texas Roadhouse offer Kids Night?

There are deals at Texas Roadhouse all week, but this article has no information on “Kids Night.” For the latest deals, you should check their website or social media.

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